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September 2, 2021

Z-One Hub Family’s TOP. Our recommendations;)

For many years, Lviv has been welcoming guests from all over the world. But all tourists are always "lost" in the variety of Lviv establishments, and the same questions always sound:
"Where to go in Lviv?", "Where to eat?", "What to see?", "What to do?" ...

That is why we have prepared for you our TOP places that are worth visiting in Lviv:

Tanya  #mafia :

"Where to smoke a hookah in the center of Lviv? The simplest option - in a hookah;)

But if this sounds easy, then in fact, choosing from a large number of institutions in Lviv is not so simple Therefore, since I am a big connoisseur of hookah, and even more pleasant when you sit on the terrace with a beautiful view of Lviv, here is a list that will help you 100% in choosing:

Terraces with hookahs:

- 36Po has five floors with different interiors and two outdoor terraces. You can enjoy hookah, drinks and your favorite Ukrainian dishes every time on a different floor.
- Cloud no.7 Panorama is an ideal holiday destination in different formats: family breakfast with a panoramic view of the city, a romantic dinner in the cozy Panorama Hall, a business meeting in the dome, corporate banquet hall or a party with inflammatory ‌Караоке‌ ‌у‌ ‌‌Vocal‌ ‌Bar‌ ‌Karaoke‌.‌ ‌

Hookah bars:

- Hashtag - a unique establishment, designed for both the most demanding gourmet hookah, and lovers of exotic cocktails and shots. Pleasant modern interior will not leave anyone indifferent. 
- Chilling - a place where it is easy to challenge everyday worries and choose the best formula for recreation: smoky hookah, delicious food, cocktail and incredible atmosphere of the restaurant .. 
- Yellow Melow is a cozy restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere in the central part of Lviv, in which you can enjoy delicious, smoky, first of all, high-quality hookahs and author's cocktails! You can also play board games here :)

PS Don't forget that in the Z-One Hub you can also enjoy delicious hookahs in a cozy courtyard! "

Nastya #littleprincess :

"For the first acquaintance with Lviv, the most suitable observation decks , of which there are many in Lviv, but for me the best places to see the panorama of Lviv are:

- The top of the High Castle is a place for lovers of unity with nature and for romantics to remember with pleasure the view of the park landscapes of Lviv.

- Observation deck of the Vernissage shopping center, where the shopping center is located in the center of all tourist flows, within the oldest squares and streets of the city, near the cult entertainment establishments of Lviv, which offers an incredible 360 ​​° panorama of the city center.

- The Town Hall Tower is a central observation deck, which is not only the main decoration of the City Hall, but also the tallest tower in Ukraine! To climb up, you need to overcome 408 steps, or 65 meters! Breathing a little, look around: the colorful roofs of houses, which from here seem puppet, the majestic hats of cathedrals, green oases of parks. Here it is, the best view of ancient Lviv.

- Also worth noting is the observation deck in the Cathedral of Saints Olga and Elizabeth. It seems that this cathedral is more than a hundred years old, but it was built in the early twentieth century. The masters skillfully presented the neo-Gothic style, which you will hardly find anywhere in Lviv. And in Ukraine as a whole. This is the highest temple in Lviv. The observation deck is located in one of the towers at a height of 85 meters. On the one hand, we see the central ancient Lviv, the already familiar Cathedral of St. George, the cathedral, and on the other - the calmer and quieter areas of Lviv.

That's how in Lviv you can combine pleasant with useful (a little cardio training on vacation will not hurt). After all, such panoramas of Lviv are literally breathtaking and I want to come back here again! "

Sergey # lady-killer :

"When the sun hides somewhere behind the Lviv massifs, and the streets are empty - an incredible night Lviv wakes up. If you still haven't had a chance to get acquainted with it - I'll help you;)

I bring to your attention my TOP nightclubs in Lviv for those who have after 23:00 - Everything is just beginning!)

- "FESTrepublic" - Club for parties, venues for concerts and festivals, atmosphere, organization, sound - All at the highest level. There is a children's area. Great place to reload and have a good rest! Beautiful terrace overlooking the High Castle! Creative design of the space is a special thrill. Highly recommend!

- "Split Club" - Split is not just another place, but it is a really great place to relax in Lviv .. You step over the threshold and immediately forget about the outside world. Everything around you is created and works for your complete relaxation and the best rest.
Great Show Bar! Beautiful girls! Delicious cuisine and alcohol for every taste! It's a feeling when your waiter really wants you to rest cool and worries about you as a best friend. I advise everyone without exception!

- "Malevich: night club & concert arena" - And this is one of the largest clubs in Western Ukraine, which simply broke into the nightlife of Lviv. Concerts, crazy parties, discos, DJs, stars and bands of incredible scale - all on 3100 square meters in the heart of the city.

Even if none of the entertainment options suit you - we strongly recommend getting out of your warm beds. Take to the streets of the old city and go where your heart calls. Believe me - the impressions of almost empty streets will be incredible. After all, Lviv is a city that can surprise at any time of the day! "

Katya  #sunkissed

I often hear the question "Where to drink delicious coffee?" From tourists or guests of the Z-One Hub and I am happy to tell you about the new coffee shops, where the menu is not only classic coffee, but also an alternative method of preparation .. 

Today there are a lot of cool places in Lviv, I'll tell you about a few of them, which I personally fell in love with. My TOP coffee shops :

- Black honey on Kryvyi Rih
Coffee of the third wave (but if you ask for an American, they will not refuse to cook). Coffee shop in branded b & w style. Here you will find a large menu of alternative coffee and tea (even masala). Breakfast, homemade cakes and alcohol are also available.

- Alternative coffee
In fact, it is a coffee point, coffee-to-go. Since 2014, there are 6 locations in interesting places in Lviv. Baristas can always easily tell you about any variety or method of roasting coffee and you will be amazed not only by the rich taste but also by the pleasant conversation ...

- The Wave project
My favorite not only for the quality and concept of the institution, but also for the location! Panoramic views of the Lviv Opera House and high-quality coffee are simply breathtaking. The minimalist Scandinavian café in the interior offers a menu with sets of coffee for 2 positions or solo.

Victor #whitenigga :

"If we consider Lviv not only from the architectural, artistic, cultural point of view, but also from the sports point of view, I can safely say that Lviv is a very sports city, where there are training, entertainment sports facilities that I can advise to visit in Lviv.

Arena Lviv Stadium is the most modern and one of the newest in Europe. The comfortable and beautiful sports facility with a developed infrastructure was built especially for the Euro 2012 championship and is designed to serve sports and entertainment events of the highest level and scale, and meets all UEFA standards.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the stadium and watch a football match live, then do not worry, we have many sports pubs where you can watch live broadcasts. I can advise my TOP pubs :

- Pub "Good Friend". Beer restaurant "Good Friend" tried to gather for you all the variety of flavors of this drink. You know, if you order all the available types at once, you get a gradient from clear gold to intoxicating dark. Yes, 24 foam positions is no joke. All craft and live. 

- Sports cafe "Funclub". Very cool place, good location, nice prices, good beer, snacks and snacks available, the opportunity to watch sporting events, not just football, although the general atmosphere is aimed at him. There is also billiards, mini football, a large summer playground outside, inside many screens to view relevant events.
In general, I highly recommend!
P.S. Sometimes you can even meet football stars!
"Canton Pub." The interior of the establishment is maintained in the classic "bar" style - dark green shades, brick walls, solid natural wood furniture. The menu consists of popular European, Italian and American dishes. The emphasis is on beer snacks. The bar offers a range of draft and bottled beers. The institution regularly broadcasts football matches and sporting events. "

Sofia #dreamer :

"Everyone loves shopping! Of course, tourists in Lviv are most attracted by attractions, restaurants and cafes, but shopping in this picturesque ancient city is also a very pleasant and useful activity! I'll tell you where you can buy cheap fashion items and really special My TOP shopping malls  within walking distance of the Z-One Hub:

- Shopping center "Vernissage Lviv Mall" - 7-level shopping center; located in a historic building on the corner of the main tourist routes. Here you can buy unique, original, authentic goods and it's not only embroidered shirts, but also modern ethno-fashion from the collections of Ukrainian designers. 

- Shopping center "Forum Lviv" is located in the center of Lviv, near the main square and the Opera House, which houses supermarkets, shops, cinema, entertainment area and restaurants. Here you will definitely find everything!

- Roksolana Shopping Center Shops and boutiques occupy four floors, as well as numerous offices, beauty salons, children's entertainment center, cafes, cafes and a large club-restaurant "Cloud no.7 Panorama". If you are looking for a place to have fun in Lviv and a fruitful "whisper", you will definitely like Roxolana! 

Also, returning from any trip, everyone is sure to buy gifts and souvenirs. Not only to friends and relatives, but also to ourselves, so that something reminds us of the trip, of all the wonderful things that happened during the trip. Souvenirs from Lviv are so different. Therefore, if you are thinking about what souvenirs to bring from Lviv, I offer you my TOP souvenirs from Lviv:

  • Coffee. Lviv is the coffee capital of Ukraine. Many may argue with this, but it is in Lviv that the national coffee and chocolate festivals take place, and it is in Lviv that the "Chocolate Workshop", known throughout Ukraine, began its activities. A great gift from Lviv will be a bag of coffee from the "Coffee Mine".
  • Chocolate. Chocolate of different flavors and shapes, with and without fillings, marzipan and all kinds of candy. In Lviv, chocolate is not only a delicacy, but also a material from which you can make a whole work of art. Such a sweet souvenir can be purchased at: "Chocolate Workshop", "Chocolate", "Lviv candies".

In my opinion, these are the souvenirs that are associated with Lviv and for which you will definitely come back here! "

Mariana  #theboss

"If you came to Lviv for good impressions and delicious food, then I suggest you get acquainted with my favorite restaurants :

1. Bachevsky Restaurant - located in the historic part of Lviv (Rynok Square). This is a great place for romantics and connoisseurs of comfort. If you want to feel like a "real Lviv lordship" and enjoy delicious dishes, this is the place for you! But you need to be careful - the tables should be ordered in advance, because there are a lot of people who want to get there.
2. Hide and seek. One of the most famous and most visited places in Lviv, despite the lack of signs and signs, this place is known to everyone who has ever visited the city of Lviv. I adore the emotions of friends who visit Kryivka for the first time and are met at the entrance by an armed guard with a glass of moonshine;)
3. Grand Cafe Leopolis. Gentlemen's, lunch, evening towers, many incredible desserts (my favorite Napoleon), home-made liqueurs - this is what you should definitely try in this cafe. In summer you can have a great time on the summer terrace, in winter in a warm room by the window. A special place with a certain tradition)))
Lviv is the tourist capital of Ukraine. Therefore, when you come here, you do not need to be afraid that you will stay hungry here. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of cafes will invite you to dine at them. I hope my recommendations will help you! "
Oleg  #freespirit
"Hello everyone :)
Today I will write about where in Lviv you can taste cocktails from the best mixologists :)
1) If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale, then you have a direct road to Marevo, where you are obliged to try a drink called "Moonlight". This combination of gin, violet liqueur and lemon juice will not leave anyone indifferent. They are also famous for their own craft cheeses and pizza.
2) Mad Bar - a new establishment in the heart of the city, where on the 5th floor is an incredible cocktail bar. Serving, taste, cooking process - fascinates everything. Mast tray for everyone who appreciates taste, not degrees :)
3) 12 steps bar - a great place to tip for a cocktail or two and go on to enjoy the evening city. Here you will not sit in harmony with the universe, but 100% will find new friends. Black is back - what is in the composition, guess for yourself, try it :)

If suddenly you are in Lviv for a long time, and the whole center and its environs have already been bypassed, then be sure to go on a quest from the local organizers. It is extremely interesting for anyone and any age :)
My favorites:
1) Mysteries of ancient Egypt from xroom; - if you dreamed of getting into the pyramids and plunge into the atmosphere of the mysticism of the pharaohs, then welcome here :) Here and mummies, and cats, obelisks, underground passages, ancient spells and much more will not leave you indifferent :)
2) Exorcist from Secretorum - completely immerse you in the atmosphere of a horror movie :) Flying interiors, mystical creatures and a lot of fear and intrigue, if it's for you it's great :)
3) Harry Potter from the same Secretorum - there is no need to explain) Spells, snake spells , a philosopher's stone, an alley of diagonals, a screaming mandrake, all this is looking forward to new magicians. "

Did you know that there are more than a hundred temples from different eras in Lviv? When visiting the city of Leo, it is impossible not to visit the famous cathedrals, because they impress everyone with their grandeur and uniqueness. I love spending time in temples, which is why I want to share with you my places of strength that everyone should visit:

- Cathedral of St. George. This is the main Greek Catholic cathedral of Lviv, located on St. George's Hill. To say he's great is to say nothing. This cathedral is one of the symbols of Lviv. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is beautiful, quiet, calm and peaceful. On the right is a copy of the Shroud of Turin, donated by Pope John Paul II. Miraculous icons are also kept here. An interesting fact: once, Mozart's son played "Requiem" at one of the services here.

- Armenian Cathedral. He amazes us with his frescoes and mosaics, brightly colored paintings that create an unusual atmosphere and cause admiration. It was here that the scene of the duel between D'Artagnan and the Musketeers was filmed. Here is "Ukrainian Paris" for you. It is safe to say that the Armenian Church is not like any of the other churches in Lviv.

- The Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth is the tallest building in the city - it reaches 88 meters. He impresses with his grandeur and beauty. All guests of Lviv can see this church, because it is located near the train station.

Be sure that in each temple you will see real works of spiritual art. They will enchant everyone with their beauty and unique mysterious atmosphere. "


"Lviv - a large and beautiful old town. Lvov called the Lion City. And no wonder. Image adorns the king of beasts coat of arms, facades of buildings. It is definitely something to see, why offer oznayomymtys of my favorite places in Lviv memorable :

- The House of Scientists is one of the most luxurious houses in Lviv and Ukraine, which is a beautiful neo-baroque example, with extremely refined interiors. The room has retained the spirit of luxury of the secular salon of the late nineteenth century. The house was built as a casino, and once here lost and won crazy fortunes. By the way, the film "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers" was shot here.

- Potocki Palace. The palace belonged to the family of the Polish Count Potocki and is a magnificent example of French Baroque classicism. The interior of the palace was decorated in the style of King Louis XVI and impresses with the luxury of painting, gilding, stucco and marble. There is an atmosphere of grandeur, this place is definitely worth your attention.

- The Italian courtyard is an amazing architectural monument of the Renaissance, which got its name due to its resemblance to the typical courtyards of Rome and Florence. It is located in the courtyard of the Kornyakt Palace, which at that time was the only house with six windows. In the "royal chambers" of the townhouse you can also see the monuments of Renaissance architecture of the sixteenth century.

These places inspire me, they are unique sights, the grandeur of which is breathtaking. " 


"Lviv is a charming city with an incredible number of attractions, unusual cafes, restaurants, museums, temples, but there are also parks with beautiful nature. My favorite parks in Lviv :

- Stryi Park. One of the most beautiful parks in Lviv and even in the country. Here grows a huge number of rare plants. There is a beautiful lake with swans, a greenhouse with tropical plants, monuments, terraces, children's railway. The park is also decorated with interesting fountains. Among them is the Ivasyk-Telesyk fountain

- Ivan Franko Park. The cozy alleys of the park are a great place for a walk or meditation alone. The oldest and one of the central parks of Lviv. In the park. Ivan Franko's house is an honorary consulate, a gardener's house, a gazebo and a playground with swings and children's slides.

- Park of Culture and Recreation. Bohdan Khmelnytsky - One of the favorite places of many tourists and locals. I often spend weekends with my family, there is a lot of entertainment and attractions for children and adults. Various interesting events are held here. 

The park, in my opinion, is the place where you can really relax, where you can be alone with your thoughts. They are no less ancient and beautiful than the buildings in the city center, so they can deservedly take a place in the excursion list of even the most demanding tourist. "


"Holidays with children - this is a great opportunity to spend time with parents with children for the benefit of both. In order for the holiday to be successful and without hassle, I will tell you my favorite places to relax with children  in Lviv:

- LazerPark is a place where you can have fun with children. Laser tag games are similar to paintball, but painless, non-traumatic and leave no marks on clothing. The property also has SonyPlayStation consoles, a shooting range, a laser maze, air hockey, table football and a virtual reality club.

- Children's entertainment center "Merry Beehive" - ​​a place of interesting recreation for children and adults. Kids can jump on trampolines in the trampoline section, hang out on slot machines or with educational toys, take part in interesting workshops.

- "Children's Planet" is a network of children's parks where you can have fun, learn something new and relax with your child. At the service of visitors - themed rooms for celebrating children's birthdays, a trampoline arena, a foam pit and a children's climbing wall above it, a large labyrinth, a tarzan. There is also a café where you can have a snack.

I love spending time with children, I love their happy grateful eyes :) I hope my recommendations will help you make your children even happier during their stay in Lviv! "