City centre

3pm check-in. 11am check-out.


Free wi-fi



Your Urban Space in Lviv

Z-One Hub is a hospitality hub in the core centre of Lviv


Individually planned apartments will enhance your holiday in the heart of Lviv. We offer simple, modern yet comfortable studios with minimalist design. Spacious and full of light, with comfy beds and furnishings, and sparkling clean linen, these rooms will become your better version of home… without anything to worry about!


Arick Vigas

"Awesome. Really good impressions. The staff was nice and polite. They were interested in my comfort. There were two pairs of earplugs, tea, coffee, water, the Washer, cleanser for dishes and so on... All that I'll need. Brilliant service. "

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Z-One Hostel is a unique design hostel with 30 beds on one floor. The beds make up two closed capsules, each of them with individual lighting and storage. Capsules are covered with curtain made from natural cloth to ensure your comfortable sleep. By supporting the concept of hubs we have created a touch of personal comfort and well-being for each guest.



"Great beds with privacy curtains, plugs & lights. Bathroom is well kept & adequate for the number of guests. Lovely stay. "

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Z-One Hub is located in the center of Lviv in a quiet zone with easy parking on the street and at the same time close to the majority of public transport spots. Just two minute walk will bring you to the Main Post Office, Stefanyk Library, Pototsky Palace. In 7-10 minutes you will quickly access the rest of historical places of Lviv: Rynok Square, Opera and Ballet Theatre, Lviv National Ivan Franko University, and other places including the famous Lychakiv Cemetery.


"Nice location-just a couple minutes from the city center, pleasant staff, super comfy bed, more than enough for a few days stay. Thanks to staff - very sweet and helpful! Nice bonus - there are hammocks in the yard, which can be used anytime. "

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Z-One Hub is your comfort zone


Next to check-in zone coffee aroma blends with the delicious smell of Ukrainian cuisine dishes, crispy burgers and tapas for any palate. In our cafe you will not only have a full-day breakfast, but also get a bite with healthy drinks and prepare your own coffee with our smiling barista.


"They have really good tasteful coffee. Every morning i did the same thing. Wake up and run into cafeteria. And also location is good too."

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One of the perks of Z-One Hub lifestyle is our courtyard where you can enjoy swinging on a hammock or drinking a cup of coffee wrapping yourself in a warm blanket. Our courtyard is special not only for the guests of our hub, but for city visitors as well, who endeavor the silence and tranquility inside the city centre. In the core centre of Lviv.


"I come there repeatedly. Do feel like a home. "

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Beside the great spectre of entertainment offered by Lviv tourism attractions, we are happy to offer you also table tennis and football at Z-One Hub.  For those who think of something more active we have bike rental, and you will be able to enjoy yourselves while your children will be devoted to board games and coloring books.


"The staff was very helpful and patient, we got late and arrived ad 4 am, the receptionist was waiting for us till then. Also, they have an elevator, water dispeser in in lobby. Another plus is if you leave your baggage in last day, they have a separated, key locked room for this. I definitely recommend :) "

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Z-One Hub - power of attracting good people!

Our host

We are family in this house…





Real blond girl from American dreams. Shoots with her beautiful eyes to death. Will tell you everything about local shisha spots. Dangerous when approaching her closer, beware of this little angel with devil inside…



Leader on gaining weight at work. Loves music more than anything… more than you. Loves cinema after music… still not you. Our smoker No.1 with more than 5 years of experience. Leader in guest reviews, btw. 🙂



Likes compliments from guests. In return, she gives you a great smile. Very emotionally stable, enthusiastic about everything around her, she can be your guide to every detail of this compicated life.



Real good guy. Loves north and icebergs. Believes Aurora Borealis is adorable. Enjoys traveling much more than anything in this world. Feels enthusiastic about his work.



Gothic girl with elegance of Coco Chanel. Adores good fashion and gives some good advice on it. Always looks a bit more flashy than on the standards. But we take her as she is – our little pearl.



Agent who spots dust on your jacket faster than the washing machine. Cleans everything with a clean and open mind. Like an energized rabbit, passes any hole in the hub. We love his cleaning abilities!



Real good girl. Spends her vacation at work, especially when dancing at reception.
Loves talking to the guests on various topics. However, she always tells the truth into your face with this universal kindness.



True Medium: forecasts everything, from occupancy rates, exchange rates to work schedules. Dances, sings, but only for a fortune. Does not mean she agrees even if you have it. Looks for sponsor who speaks Mandarin.



We don’t see him, but we believe in him. When he appears, acts like combination of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Solves everything and leaves to help others. Forgets his wings at Z-One Hub…



Everything to be turned into smoke is her case. Knows everyone and gives good advice. If advice is not taken, she can give a hit. Her mission is to make the world better.



When’s the check-in? How about the check-out?

3 pm check-in. 11 am check-out.
If your place is available before 2 pm, we’ll let you in before.

Just in case – we have a luggage storage that’ll solve your problems:)

How do I pay?

We accept cash and almost all credit and debit cards. You can also pay with an invoice before your arrival.

However, we only accept cash in UAH. Not Euros, not any other currency.

Can I bring visitors? What if they stay overnight?

We are very friendly with all your guests and welcome them as you do. But they can only visit you. If they prefer to stay, unfortunately, we’ll have to charge them for an extra bed.

Sorry, but Z-One Hub’s air costs money:)

How’s your kitchen?

Very clean. Everything you always dreamt of when you wanted to become Gordon Ramzy. We have free tea, coffee, even salt and flour to use for cooking. All sorts of utensils and even some football and table tennis to entertain your friends while you’re C.h.e.f.

Do you have towels? What else don’t I have to bring?​

We have it all here for you. Towels, soap, hairdryers, washing and drying machines, and even an iron and iron desk. What we don’t offer for free we have for sale in case you forgot your shaving creme or a tooth paste.

What if I took my Tiffany ring with me. Do you provide safety boxes?

Safety deposit box costs 50 UAH per day for rent. You can also store your stuff at our luggage storage room. However, most of our guests are very friendly and really not into Tiffany 🙂

What about my Rolls Royce?

Lviv is a nice European town with lots of nice streets and parking lots. Our street has parkomat parking. But it’s pretty safe, though.

Do you serve any food? Breakfast?

Not even breakfast. We only have a bar with drinks and vending machine. You can find pretty good free cookies there.

But nothing more. Sorry. Why? We’re in the center of Lviv, the restaurant capital of Ukraine. Just get our of hub and you’ll find it all!

I cannot live without Internet. Can you help?

Yes, we can. We have three WiFi networks. One of them is non-password open-for-all-but-bad-speed. The other two have passwords and are pretty fast for everyone to enjoy their own summer finales:)

Do you understand my English?

We do speak English.

As well as Polish, German, Russian, Ukrainian (surprising. NOT).

Also a bit of French, Spanish, Czech, Lithuanian. And Mandarin. Indeed.

What else can you say?

What else can you say?