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January 10, 2019

Tyubing near Lviv

Near Lviv is the largest in Ukraine for the tube was opened
What is a tubing?
This word has little taken root, because it does not reflect the appearance and originality of the design. More often this model of sleds is called cheesecakes, as well as bagels. And even donuts. Because they are really more like a confectionery product than classic wooden models in combination with iron stripes.

Tubing appeared in the twenties of the nineteenth century. But the faint design was an obstacle to popularity. When the technology of manufacture of boats from high-quality PVC was significantly developed, the toboggans were remembered again. Because the rubber models were very vulnerable. And modern materials provide high durability, and excellent slip. Even such inflatable bagels are amplified by a special nylon ribbon. And they are covered with a special layer of material, so that friction is as small as possible.

The inflatable form compensates for any strong mechanical shocks. Therefore, the chance to get injuries is reduced by times compared to ordinary sleds on the rungs.

Tyubing Park will be open from 10:00 to 17:00.

The cost of a two-hour subscription for adults is 200 UAH, for children under 8 years old - 150 UAH.

You can climb upwards with the help of a multi-lift or a boom lift.

The complex is located 17 km from Lviv on the route "Kyiv-Chop".