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February 22, 2019

The 5 most beautiful streets of Lviv

For a long time no one has argued with the fact that Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. That is why today there are so many who want to buy an apartment in Lviv and settle there forever.

There are many atmospheric and cozy places in the city of Lion. Of particular interest are its streets, which breathe old and create an appropriate mood. We offer to get acquainted with the rating of the most beautiful streets of our city.

Pekarska Street

This street is familiar, probably to everyone. It is located not far from the center and is known for its large number of medical institutions of different types, which gather people from all over the region. In addition, it is here that the Veterinary and Medical Universities are located.

Pekarskaya is a very broad and spacious street. It reaches nearly one and a half kilometers. Her architectural composition combines many styles, because the building was held at different times. Among the most beautiful houses is the palace Levytsky. And the most original building is the so-called flat house.

Prospect Svobody (Liberty Avenue)

This street is located in the very center of Lviv, where usually familiarity with the city begins. Apart from such attractions as the Opera House and the Taras Shevchenko Monument, Svobody Boulevard accumulates all of its business and cultural life.

If you are fortunate enough to buy an apartment in Lviv on this prestigious street, you can be sure - you will not miss any events happening in the city.

High Castle Street

If you consider yourself a romantic person, you will definitely enjoy this street. It is quite small and very cozy, it lies close to the famous High Castle - the highest point of the city and one of the most popular tourist destinations.

There is also a park nearby, where you can walk among dense trees and breathe fresh air. A big plus of the street - it is quite close to the central part of Lviv.

Virmenska street

This street is located in the heart of the city, not far from the famous Market square. The streetcard business card is its extraordinary architecture. Every house here is a real work of art with its history. However, before you buy an apartment in Lviv on this street you need to think hard.

After all, all houses are ancient, which means that there may be problems with comfort. Although for those who are important to live near the most prominent monuments of Lviv, surrounded by the most original cafes and restaurants, these problems will seem to be insignificant.

Chuprynky Street

Completes our rating of the best streets of Lviv, the quiet and extremely beautiful street of General Chuprynky. Its feature is that here in their time were built a large number of mansions and villas. Each of these houses is a pearl of architecture.

Predominantly Gothic style and style styles close to it. This street is deservedly considered one of the most comfortable and comfortable streets of Lviv.