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March 24, 2021

Non-tourist places of Lviv. What you can visit during quarantine

The pandemic continues to make adjustments in our daily lives. After active winter holidays, Lviv residents and guests of the city have to follow the strict rules of the all-Ukrainian lokday.

However, this is not a reason to give up cultural and interesting leisure. We have prepared a selection of unexpected and safe places that will be of interest to both native Lviv residents and experienced travelers.

1. Open-air exhibition from Jam Factory Art Center

The Center for Contemporary Art in Pidzamche is still under construction, but the institution is already looking at large-scale projects. A 32-meter-long building banner with the artwork of the artist Olena Sybach “Mys. This is the greatest work of public art in Lviv.

Banner Art is an exhibition of the open sky, which anyone can visit at any time of the day, learn more about public art and own property. Under the banner there are exposition panels, as in galleries, they describe the history of the project and the concept of the work on the banner, as well as depict them.

Address: st. Bohdana Khmelnytskoho, 124
Price: free

2. Lviv Street Gallery

At the end of 2020, Lviv's public gallery was renewed within the framework of the Equilibrium project. This is the third version of the gallery, on which 12 artists worked. Each work is individual, but at the same time the exposition is united by a common theme of balance and equilibrium. The gallery sets up a dialogue between great artists and city dwellers, giving passers-by the opportunity to appreciate contemporary art. The exposition is constantly changing, responding to current problems and generating new concepts.

Have time to see these works of art, try to unravel the metaphors and just enjoy the quality works of modern art.

Address: st. street Zamarstynivska, 29
Price: free
Time: 24/7

3. The territory of the plant "REMA"

In the past, a large-scale enterprise now serves as an environment for intellectual and physical products, and offices, photo studios, workshops are located here. We offer you to explore the territory of the plant "REMA" and find unique objects of modern art. For several years now, the street association "Painted Fox" has been transforming this space into an open-air gallery. Unexpected and interesting works can be found all over the territory of the plant.

Address: st. Zavodska, 31 (REMA)

4. Actual graffiti of the street artist dArt_Painter

The great artist dArt_Painter works directly with the city, creating works on current social topics. There are about ten works by this artist in Lviv, whose life is not long due to the actions of communal enterprises or passers-by. We invite you to visit the works "Breakfast on Bald Mountain on the last day of quarantine". The artist used characters from E. Mane's work: "Breakfast on the Grass", but updated them with new elements.

"With this picture, I wanted to show people that we have a little bit to wait with you. A little time, and everything will be as before. " - comments dArt_Painter. ⠀

Address: st. Kubiyovycha, 35b