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January 29, 2019

Lviv will host the National Festival of Chocolate on the Valentine’s Day

Guests of the city are invited to the most romantic and sweetest holiday - National Holiday Chocolate.

Chocolate Love Edition - The feast of love and chocolate will be held on February 14-17 in Lovers Day at the Palace of the Arts (17 Copernicus Street).

If you are a lover of sweets and a fan of real chocolate, you will certainly not be able to miss this event. Lviv is famous for its atmospheric, incredible sweets, delicious coffee and regular thematic holidays. Now imagine that all these components are connected and presented in the form of a single event, also on the Day of Lovers and 3 more days after it. Unusual? So! Romantic? Of course!

What is this festival?

This is essentially a collection of the best chocolates of Ukraine and neighboring countries that are ready to share their creativity with others. Here are the formats of master classes, fairs-exhibitions, representations and a simple cozy meeting. At the festival, you will be able to taste sweets, and buy, and ask beautifully to decorate as a gift to relatives and relatives.

Do not forget the organizers and the smallest visitors - for them on the Chocolate Love Edition there will be separate master classes related to the history of the appearance of this product and interesting trials.

Also in the west there will be chocolate sculptures created by virtuoso masters, among which the following should be singled out:

9-meter box of chocolates;
5-meter mill;
3-meter bear.
6-meter chocolate pizza (all visitors will be able to try smaller copies of this delicious meal)

For those who are more courageous, believe in their strength and good luck, there will be a special competition - "Homemade Pastry". Participation can take not only professionals. This competition is more likely to be devised for lovers who simply want to have fun. In the limited time, the guys make their own culinary masterpieces, after which they are tried and judged by competent juries.

At the festival you will be able to taste the most diverse types of chocolate with unusual (pepper, caramel, alcohol, dried fruit and berries) and usual fillers (coconut, almonds, cedar, hazelnuts, ginger, candied fruits, raisins), and without them (just milk, black white).

This year, besides tons of the most delicious chocolate, master classes from the famous chocolates, lovers will be able to get married directly on the holiday grounds. For all those in love with the Holy Chocolate, a special "Chocolate Ceremony" will be arranged. Newlyweds will receive a "Chocolate Testimony" and a photo in memory.

All visitors to the Chocolate Festival will receive a special festival pot, hot cocoa, chocolates with anticipation as a present.

It should be noted that such a festival has been held annually for 12 years and shows mainly new items in the world of chocolate industry. To enjoy this event all day or even a few days surrounded by magicians, coffee aromas, interesting creative personalities or simply unusual spending time with your family, a loved one, you need to book a ticket for 60 UAH.