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December 1, 2020

Journey to Lviv: interesting places for rest and pleasure

The threat of coronavirus infection and quarantine restrictions have made serious adjustments to our plans for recreation. Now the most popular are trips to the city, green tourism, healthy food - everything related to health. As a result, the specialists of the Department of Tourism and resorts of the Lviv Regional State Administration prepared a selection of proposals for healthy trips.

“We do everything to make travel in Lviv region even more interesting and safer. This week we offer to visit the tasty corners of the region. More than 20 farms are open for tourists in Lviv region, about 10 of them are available for visiting and winter. This will allow us to expand tourist flows geographically, and travelers will be able to store ecological products and support the local producer, ”says the tourist.

1. TanteSnails snail farm

To the north of Lviv, near the village of Yablynivka (for orientation - near the town of Bysk), a snail breeding farm has been operating for 5 years. In addition to its main activity, ie exporting abroad, it treats guests with delicious dishes. And most importantly - the whole year, even in winter, is interesting for visitors interesting excursions.

Here you can see the whole life cycle of snails and, depending on the time of year, their own - very small in the room, similar to a greenhouse, and adults - on special. Recently, three co-owners of the farm also started breeding frogs. There are small cafes on the farm where you can cook snail dishes.

"Of course, the influx of tourists in the summer is greater, so we have to divide the excursions at the weekend by specific hours of the beginning - 13, 15, 17, 19," says Orest Orest David. - Another thing in the fall or winter, when the guests are less. At this time of year, you can pay attention to each individual group of tourists.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Davidko admits, it is difficult to predict what the 2021 season will be like, but the owners of the farm have a lot of plans.

“We will improve what we have, in the first place to make farms more comfortable and interesting for visitors. After all, we started as a simple farm, and now it is for visits. Secondly, we did not plan to become a public catering establishment, but we see that when people traveled 50-100 kilometers to us, they needed it.

Interesting nearby. Near Yablynivka there is a district center, one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine, Busk. And further to the east along the "Kyiv" route - as many as two castles, Pidhoretsky and Olesky, as well as the village of Pidlissya with incredible landscapes and the museum of the "builder" of the Kharkiv region.

2. Goat farm of two Catherines

The unique farm operates south of Lviv - in the Carpathians. It will not be difficult to find your way around the village of Tukhlya, on the banks of the Opir River, because guests of the farm will immediately see flocks of sheep and goats.

Here you will be given a tour, told about the peculiarities of caring for these pets. Immediately behind the farm is a cheese factory. You can also visit it. In addition, to look at the production and understand for yourself where the milk and cheese that we see in supermarkets and shops.

Products can also be purchased on the farm. And if you don't want to, you can just visit the tasting room and try the products that are made here.

Interesting nearby.  Nearby is the village of Slavske, one of the centers of ski recreation: snowboard, snowblade, snowtube… enough options! There are also historical places nearby - Mount Makivka, where the Sich archers fought their most notable battle, and Mount Zakhar Berkut with the village of Tukhlei, which appeared in the fascinating story of Ivan Franko.


3. Ribnichanka

Many fish farms that accept tourists are closed for the winter. But not that.

"We can be fished all year round," says Stepan Kotsyban, the head of the farm. "We have a trout lake, it does not freeze, there is a place of at least 2x2 or 3x3 meters, where you can always catch fish."

How to find? In Drohobych district in the village with the eloquent name Rybnyk. Those who do not know how to fish, but want to try, will definitely be taught. You can stay overnight, because there is also a hotel, cottages. And if fishing is not your hobby at all, then you can have a rest in a bath or a bath. If you want to drive - there are two waterfalls at once, a route to the mountains of the Heavenly Hundred.

Interesting nearby.  A few kilometers from the village of Rybnyk is the village of Skhidnytsia, known as a balneological resort. There are dozens of mineral sources, and if you want to visit them all, you will have classes all day long.