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April 28, 2021

“Yellow Quarantine Zone” in Lviv

On April 26, Lviv moved to the "yellow zone"

In the territory with the yellow level of epidemiological danger it is allowed:

  • operation of restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens and other catering establishments from 7:00 to 24:00 (except for takeaway and delivery orders); visitors must sit a maximum of 4 at the table and move around the institution in masks (except for the time of sitting at the table), the distance between the tables must be at least 2 m;
  • conducting mass events with the participation of a maximum of one person per 4 m 2  of building or territory (outdoors) or the number of halls up to 50% of seats in each hall;
  • conducting official sports events with spectators up to half capacity and at a physical distance of not less than 1.5 meters (when placing spectators standing);
  • work of cinemas, theaters and other cultural institutions with half full halls and placement of spectators in a checkerboard pattern of two;
  • work of educational institutions (but to hold mass events with the participation of students from more than one group or class and in the presence of other visitors, is prohibited);
  • transportation of only seated passengers in urban, suburban, long-distance, intra-regional and inter-regional communication;
  • activity of sports halls, fitness centers in the presence of a maximum of one visitor per 10 m 2 , in swimming pools - a maximum of 4 people on one track for individual classes or 6 people for sports and training groups.

The main prohibitions of the yellow level of epidemiological danger:

  • stay in public buildings and structures, public transport without respirators or protective masks covering the nose and mouth;
  • being on the streets without identity documents;
  • organization of banquets, public events, festive events at discos, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, bars and other entertainment establishments;
  • work of establishments providing accommodation services (except for hotels, sanatoriums, establishments and establishments providing social and rehabilitation services).