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April 5, 2020

How is the disease transmitted?

It is now known that COVID-19 is transmitted by droplets and contact

The virus does not circulate in the air, but is transmitted from person to person

The virus is not able to travel long distances. It is only present in the drops that a person exhales when coughing or sneezing. Distance is a guarantee of safety . This is a factor in breaking the epidemic chain. Therefore, it is impossible to get infected even from an infected person if you are at a distance of more than 1.5 m.

The contact route of infection prevails

Most often, the virus enters the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes through hands or other objects (handkerchief, gloves) after touching objects (animals, meat, fish, doorknobs, handrails), contaminated with secretions from the respiratory tract of the patient or infected.


Can animals be infected?

There is currently no official evidence that pets, such as dogs or cats, may be carriers of the new coronavirus. However, after contact with pets, we recommend washing your hands with soap and water. This will protect you from the risk of spreading a number of bacteria that a person can get from pets.


Is the virus transmitted through fruit?

Fruit is an unsuitable environment for long-term survival of the virus. There are no data on the transmission of the virus through fruit. We remind you that fruits should be washed thoroughly, but this is a standard recommendation.


How long does the virus live on surfaces? How can you kill a virus?

The virus can remain viable on surfaces from 3 hours to several days. Specific terms depend on a number of conditions. For example, surface type, temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is important to disinfect surfaces, door handles, appliances, etc.


Is it true that the virus is only transmitted to the elderly?

People of any age can become infected, so everyone should follow the virus protection measures. Elderly people and patients with chronic diseases are at high risk.

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