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June 9, 2021

A retro bicycle race will take place in Lviv

On Saturday, June 12, the festival "Batyry on Rovers" will take place in Lviv. Registration of participants has already begun.

According to the organizers of the festival "Batyry on rovers", many thematic activities await guests. The event for the first time in seven years provides a format that will allow you to join without a bike.

“Do you have a rover? Come with us to the bike ride! Don't you have? Come to the fair of antiquities TLUM & KRAM. It will be spectacular and fascinating everywhere, ”said Marta Makovetska, the organizer of“ Batteries on Rovers ”.

The festival is held jointly with the Lviv flea market TLUM & KRAM. Some of the festival attractions will take place throughout the day at LEM STATION. The program of the festival "Batyry on rovers".

It will be recalled that “Batyry on Rovers” is an annual Lviv retro cycling race that will unite people who appreciate style and city bicycles, a kind of dedication to the Lviv Batyar battery. Since 2015, the Battery on Rovers bike ride has become a business card of the city of Lev.