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May 10, 2020

A car cinema was allowed to open in Lviv and rules were developed

In April, it became known that the first open-air car cinema would open in Lviv, as announced by the organizers of the event. However, the city council later banned the opening of the car cinema due to quarantine.

But already now the city commission on thermal power and emergency situations allowed to work car cinemas since May 12. The City Council has developed a protocol for their work. The rules were promulgated by Lviv Deputy Mayor Andriy Moskalenko.

The date of the first session is still being agreed. The films will be broadcast by the Ukrainian film distribution company Kinolife Distribution.

Tickets can only be purchased online, and their verification must be contactless. Employees of the car cinema must be in personal protective equipment, which must be changed at least once every two hours. They will also have their temperature measured several times during the shift. If an employee of a car cinema has signs of ARI, he will not be allowed to work.

As for food in the car cinema, it is possible only by prior order in the format of online delivery.

There should be no more people than seats in the car. And getting out of the car during, before or after the session is prohibited.

1 ticket is designed exclusively for 1 parking space (in other words - 1 car). To watch, you will need to tune the radio to the appropriate FM wave and watch the movie. The wave will be indicated on the ticket.

There must be a demarcation marking in this car cinema. The first 2 rows will be used for cars such as sedan, station wagon, hatchback, and the 3rd and 4th rows will be designed for crossovers and minivans.