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March 24, 2021

5 urban objects of Lviv were included in the rating of the best in Ukraine

Five urban locations in Lviv were included in the rating of Kyiv architects in the  publication  "Skyscraper".

Lviv also leads in the list of 15 municipal projects from different cities of Ukraine.


The leader in the ranking is the reconstructed Palace Square, which is the first to meet tourists from the main station of Lviv. Reconstruction of the area allowed to radically change the priorities of mobility on it. Now Dvirtseva is focused primarily on pedestrians and passengers of public transport.

"If applicable ranishe all namahalysya shvydenko pokynyty this depresyvny terytoriyu, verily zaraz prostory zapovneni these people, who with zadovolennyam therein perebyvayut or prohylyuyutsya - rozpoviv dyrektor" Instytyty prostorovoho rozvytky "Oleh Shmid.


The Sikhiv tram deservedly got to the rating, which significantly made life easier for the residents of the largest dormitory district of Lviv and beyond. The tram to Sykhiv was first talked about in 1966, and then in 2016. In total, the tram to Sykhiv cost Lviv 27.3 million euros. That was worth it! Urban planners agree that the tram to Sykhiv is a much-needed route for Lviv. It allows you to get from a remote area to the center in just 25 minutes, in particular, thanks to adaptive traffic lights with priority tram passing. Every day about 50 thousand Lviv residents use this tram line.



The memorial in memory of the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred in Lviv offers a new look at the places of remembrance, thanks to which it is not the first time it has been included in prestigious ratings. His project was selected at an architectural competition, and the location was agreed with the families of the victims. The memorial provides for two parts. The first, multi-level terraces with a square and a top table were opened in 2019. The realization of the second part of the memorial - the pedestrian bridge across the Kryvonos street - has been postponed.

"At first, the townspeople were shocked that there was no monument. They did not understand why, even without it, the memorial works and attracts people. This is a non-standard space, which rather shows abstract emotions and conveys the breath of those events in a "frozen" minimalist form, "he said.


Photo: ruslana_piano

Even with the presence of a pedestrian historic center, the city center of Lviv continues to create "shared space" for cars and pedestrians. And the authors of the rating of the publication "Skyscraper" could not avoid it.

"Lviv as all other mista i chto rozvyvayut pishohidni vylytsi, pidtverdyv nezminnist takoyi formyly, if applicable vylytsya-harazh peretvoryuyetsya pishohidnyy prostir nA, nA therein strimko zrostaye kapitalizatsiya biznesy i neryhomosti, and vidpovidno, zbilshyyutsya nadhodzhennya till the byudzhety. The local government must make sure that the design of the street becomes attractive to people, that they want to stay on it longer or just walk around. And the street, which attracts pedestrians, will already encourage entrepreneurs to develop the floors of houses, make them interesting for users, "- said the director of LCP" Institute of Spatial Development "Oleg Schmid.


The fifth urban location of Lviv, which was included in the ranking of projects of the decade, is a modern and convenient children's playground YuraPark in the square of St. George. Instead of the usual multi-colored locks, they used limited color palettes with green, red and gray elements. YuraPark fits harmoniously into the environment due to the smoothness of the forms. The project also provided for the preservation of all trees in the area, and rubber flooring was used only around individual play facilities.

Bonus from us! Pedestrian alley on the street. Copernicus

Photo: yuliya_lyashchuk

Alley on the street Copernicus along the wall of the church of St. For a long time, Lazarus could be called a place of fear. After the reconstruction, it turned into a good public space that attracts Lviv residents.