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A farmers’ fair is being restored in Lviv

Starting from June 19, a farmers’ fair will be organized near the town hall every Saturday. Farmers will gather on Rynok Square every Saturday. We stay from 9:00 to 15:00.

This was reported on the Facebook page “Lviv Farmers’ Fair.

The first farmers’ fair in Lviv was first organized in July 2020 as part of the city initiative “Made in Lviv” to support farmers in the Lviv region.

Farmers wishing to participate in the fair must pre-register at the  link . Resellers will not be allowed: only representatives of registered farms will be able to sell their products.

Here it will be possible to buy products of local farmers (vegetables, fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products, etc.), thus supporting the local producer and guiding the farmers into action. More than 20 farmers from the city and the region take part in the fair every time.



A retro bicycle race will take place in Lviv

On Saturday, June 12, the festival “Batyry on Rovers” will take place in Lviv. Registration of participants has already begun.

According to the organizers of the festival “Batyry on rovers”, many thematic activities await guests. The event for the first time in seven years provides a format that will allow you to join without a bike.

“Do you have a rover? Come with us to the bike ride! Don’t you have? Come to the fair of antiquities TLUM & KRAM. It will be spectacular and fascinating everywhere, ”said Marta Makovetska, the organizer of“ Batteries on Rovers ”.

The festival is held jointly with the Lviv flea market TLUM & KRAM. Some of the festival attractions will take place throughout the day at LEM STATION. The program of the festival “Batyry on rovers”.

It will be recalled that “Batyry on Rovers” is an annual Lviv retro cycling race that will unite people who appreciate style and city bicycles, a kind of dedication to the Lviv Batyar battery. Since 2015, the Battery on Rovers bike ride has become a business card of the city of Lev.



The three most famous festivals this summer in Lviv and the region

Loud events are also planned in Lviv and nearby, where you can enjoy the music and have an unforgettable time.


The fifteenth youth patriotic festival “Zashkiv” will take place in Lviv region. Its main purpose is to honor and remind of a prominent figure in Ukrainian history, Yevhen Konovalets. Here visitors will find a field game, a mobile university, the Konovalets Museum, demonstrations of military equipment, cynologists, and a reconstruction of the battle. Fans of sports will be able to play football barefoot, cross the country or take part in cycling. Of course, it will not do without a music program with performances by popular Ukrainian bands, ethnic groups and songs from the ATO. At the festival there is an obligatory language – celebration without alcohol.

When: from 18 to 20 June
Where: in the village of Zashkiv, 18 km north of Lviv
How much: free


This year the city will also host the International Jazz Festival, which has already become a symbol of Lviv. Concerts at the Leopolis Jazz Fest will take place on three stages: in the name of Eddie Rosner, on Rynok Square and in the courtyard of the Potocki Palace. The best jazz performers will traditionally come here, see the program of the festival by following the link.

However, tickets should be bought in advance, as this year’s “Leopolis Jazz Fest” will be held with some restrictions. Thus, entry to the event is possible only in the presence of a PCR test with a negative result. And even a limited number of people will be able to get to the fan zone and they also need to buy tickets.

When: from 24 to 28 June
Where: in Lviv
How much: all details here


Zaxidfest is the largest annual music festival in western Ukraine. Music lovers from all over our country come here, and not only. Such popular Ukrainian groups as O.Torvald, TNMK, Karna, One in a Canoe, Latexfauna, Vivienne Mort, Hamerman Destroys Religions, Kyrgan and Aggregate Tash appear. It is possible to get to the concert of a famous foreign performer, the organizers of the action promise to announce all the participants of the festival as early as the 15th. One thing is already known – performers and bands from Russia should not be expected.

When: from 27 to 29 August
Where: near the village of Rodatichi, Horodok district
How much: 1,200 hryvnias. Closer to the ticket prices will increase in price. Also valid tickets from 2020



Ukrainian Wine Festival and Go_A concert

The first Ukrainian Wine Festival will take place on June 11-13 in Lviv, on the territory of the Potocki Palace. The hero of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the Ukrainian band Go_A, will come to the end of the first one for the festival.

It is on June 11-13 that the best producers of domestic wine and craft winemakers will come together to prove that the wines produced in Ukraine are far from worse, and even better than any of them. Exquisite gastronomy at the festival will complement the taste of Ukrainian wines.

In addition, the festival will host a variety of tastings, which will be held by representatives of iconic Ukrainian brands. And the best domestic winemakers will take part in the Competition “The best Ukrainian wine 2021”. The professional jury will select the best white, red, rosé and sparkling wines.

The Wine and Art zone will operate at the festival. And today a unique Radio Wine UA was released, created especially for the festival. All connoisseurs of good Ukrainian wine and quality music will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the festival, simply by turning off the radio on the website http://fit.

Buying a ticket to the festival until June 10, visitors receive a glass tasting glass, because if you taste wine, it should be done beautifully and aesthetically.

The organizers persistently remind about the culture and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages, observance of social distance and mask mode.

Tickets for the concert on June 11 can be purchased  here .

Tickets for the Ukrainian Wine Festival  are here .



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