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Lviv and Independence Day 2020: where to go?

On Monday, August 24, Ukraine will traditionally celebrate Independence Day. In Lviv, in particular, on the occasion of the holiday, many interesting events will take place. Of course, not as many as in previous years, but you can still get to individual concerts, parties, fairs, ice cream tastings and more.

We have gathered the best events of Independence Day 2020 in Lviv, which are currently available. Next we will update.


У неділю та понеділок, 23-24 серпня, у Парку Культури та відпочинку імені Богдана Хмельницького у Львові відбудеться Lviv Ice Cream Market. Це хороша можливість відсвяткувати День Незалежності всією родиною на свіжому повітрі.

“У програмі сонячний відпочинок під літні музичні сети, багато-багато морозива та комфортні відпочинкові зони на свіжому повітрі! Маємо велику паркову зону з безпечною та комфортною дистанцією згідно всіх норм”, – зазначили організатори.

Початок – 12:00. Вхід вільний.

2. Святковий концерт на Левандівці

На Левандівці масове святкування Дня Незалежності 2020 відбудеться у культурно-мистецькому центрі “Супутник”, що на вулиці Повітряній, 20.

В програмі заходу: студія сучасного танцю «MUEZ», Вокальна студія «GRACE», Вокальна студія «BLUE BLUEZ», Ірина Васечко,, Ірина Корнай, Роксана Антонюк, Павло Поливода, Олександр Агашков, Олег Дроботій, «SISTERS VOICE», Marcus Max, Анна Ласкар, Показ мод, Соломія Чубай.

Початок концерту – о 15:00. Вхід вільний.

3. Street Food на Шуварі

На оптовому ринку “Шувар” на День незалежності відбудеться фестиваль Street Food, мета якого створити на Сихові класний простір для відпочинку. Тут буде смачна їжа, авторські коктейлі, музика та розваги, місцеві виробники та продукти та фотозона.

Початок – 10:00-22:00. Вхід вільний.

4. Концерт Оксани Мухи

On the Independence Day of Ukraine, August 24, Oksana Mukha will present a concert program “Two Colors” in Lviv. The performance of the holder of the title “Voice of the Country” will take place in the open air in the Metropolitan Gardens on St. George’s Hill (St. George’s Square, 5). The concert starts at 20:00.

The program of the concert will include the best Ukrainian songs: “Hutsulka Ksenia”, “I will go to the distant years”, “Cheremshina”, “Vorozhka”, “Where are you now”, “Shushisha hazel”.

The concert starts at 20:00. Ticket – 190 hryvnias.

5. Three concerts in the House of Organ and Chamber Music

  • Bach’s music. Organ concert.  You’ve probably heard Bach’s music before. Maybe even heard the body. And if you’ve heard both, you know exactly what kind of explosive mixture these things create together. Start at 14:00. The cost is 100-150 hryvnias.
  • Sylvester. Quiet songs.  Valentin Silvestrov’s vocal cycle “Silent Songs” is written for piano and voice on the poems of classical poets. The cycle consists of 24 songs, which reveal the composer’s deep love for Ukrainian and Russian poetry, the beauty of the feelings embodied in it and the sung nature. Start at 17:00. The cost is 100-150 hryvnias.
  • Romantic organ music. This music will take you into a whirlpool of stormy emotions and vivid impressions. The amplitude of the states will fluctuate between drama and lyrical calm, tragedy and solemn triumph, heroism and tender feelings. Start at 19:00. The cost is 100-150 hryvnias.

6. Music from movies about love

The season of magic concerts starts in the Metropolitan Gardens on August 23. The special program “Music from movies about love” is a unique selection of hits from the best romantic films of the 20th and 21st centuries performed by the orchestra under the direction of People’s Artist of Ukraine Bohdan Mochurad.

The uniqueness of the Metropolitan Gardens is that it is a closed area that belongs to the St. George’s complex, where the Metropolitan Chambers and the amazingly beautiful garden, which is a pearl of Baroque art near the main Cathedral of the city of Leo.

The music of the orchestra, combined with the atmosphere of the gardens on a warm summer evening – a guarantee of unforgettable experiences.

The concert starts at 19:30. Ticket – 140-490 hryvnias.



Lviv is preparing to open a large aquarium

It is a museum of living marine nature with several dozen aquariums of various sizes in which fish of different species are kept, as well as a museum of seashells, and the walls are decorated with models of historical fish and fairy-tale creatures. .

There will be large labyrinths of aquariums of colorful fish, turtles, sharks, stingrays, bizarre corals, whole underwater forests with their small and large inhabitants. There will also be a 3D show on a large panel.

Visitors will be able to get into the underwater tunnel, standing under which, they will feel like direct participants in the events of marine life, which unfolds just above their heads.

The photo is conditional

The exact date of the opening has not yet been announced, but their Facebook page says it will be in August 2020. It is also unknown how many “inhabitants” will settle in the aquarium.

The following vacancies were published on the website three weeks ago: an aquarist (UAH 10,000), a ticket agent, a guide, a cashier (UAH 8,000), a cleaner and a shop assistant. that in the Lviv aquarium there are pools equipped for keeping marine animals and fish.

Entrance ticket prices have appeared on the website of the aquarium  : A  children’s ticket (3-13 years old) will cost UAH 150, a student ticket for a teenager (14-17 years old) – UAH 200, and an adult ticket – UAH 250. Children under 3 years, children with disabilities and complete orphans (up to 14 years) – free. Discount ticket (pension certificate, anti-terrorist operation participant, and disability certificate) – 200 hryvnias.

Will the work schedule be as follows?

  • Monday from 10:00 to 15:00. The box office will be open until 14:30.
  • Tuesday – Sunday / Holidays from 10:00 to 20:30. The box office will be open until 20:00.