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Sculpture museums in Lviv

Each department of the Borys Voznytskyi Lviv National Art Gallery is definitely unique, presenting wonderful exhibitions and spaces. A separate category is formed by sculpture museums. These are three art centers that are located in different parts of the city and can be a reference point for a walk around Lviv (Click on the name of the museum for more information).

Pinzel Museum
Museum of Sacred Baroque Sculpture by Johann Georg Pinzel

The premises of the museum are in their own way interesting and appropriate for the works of the author, because it is the building of the former church of Clarissok of the XVII century. Johann Georg Pinzel is a late Baroque master who created dozens of sculptures in Galicia and beyond. His works are filled with special emotionality, dynamics and elegance. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that some are really made of
trees. Brush in 3D.

Jindri Museum
Mikhail Dzyndra Museum of Modern Sculpture

The master lived most of his life in the United States and created about 1,000 sculptures. However, Mykhailo Dzyndra dreamed of founding an art center in Ukraine. In 2005, he funded the museum as a department of the Lviv Art Gallery and donated more than 800 of his own sculptures. The department is located in the village. Bryukhovychi, not far from Lviv.

Museum of Theodosia of Bruges
Museum-workshop of Theodosia Bruges
Sculptors ‘and artists’ workshops are integral parts of creativity where art was born. You can feel the atmosphere of the creation by visiting the museum of Theodosia Bruges. There are many works and sketches related to historical themes in the room. A special place is occupied by a series of works dedicated to Lesya Ukrainka’s drama extravaganza “Forest Song”. We advise you to immerse yourself in the real space of creativity over a cup of coffee (in the museum itself!) With the head of the museum Lesia Beznisko.

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