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For the Chinese New Year, 15 sculptures of pandas are being painted in Lviv

The Chinese New Year will be held in Lviv for the ninth year in a row from January 24 to 26.

Lviv residents and guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Chinese culture. The highlight of this year’s festival will be pandas painted by artists.

Especially for this year’s festival, artists are painting 15 giant pandas. Various well-known artists of the city, who paint sculptures in different styles, joined the action “Panda walks the world”. During the festival, pandas will please the eyes of visitors, and then they will be staged in tourist attractions of Lviv.

During the Chinese New Year, many artistic events and business meetings will take place in Lviv

The 15th Christmas Star Flash Festival will take place in Lviv

On January 8, Lviv will host the annual “Christmas Star Flash” festival, which was launched at the Klimenty Sheptytsky Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Lviv.

Every year, new stars replenish the star collection, igniting new content, new ideas.
The main symbol of this year’s festival is Yavoriv Star, a star of the region, which is marked by the original and bright color of folk art. The star is eight-rayed, ornamented with a characteristic painting. In the center of the star is a shopka with the Holy Family. The baby Jesus does not lie in a traditional manger for iconography, but in a Yavoriv cart. In the composition of the star there is also a month that symbolizes not only the celestial body, but also the calendar month of January, on the surface of which are three plates depicting the attributes of the three main holidays of the Christmas cycle: with water – Epiphany.

This year’s star was created by the People’s Master of Decorative and Applied Arts of Ukraine, artist and carver Vasyl Yaremin.

The real decoration of the procession of stargazers will be small carols, which were made at master classes in the People’s House of Dublyany and in Dublyanskaya Secondary School I-III degree. Hero of Ukraine Anatoliy Zhalovaha.


12:15 – Formation of the column and blessing of the astrologers (Church of the Holy Eucharist, Museum Square 1)
13:00 – Start of the walk
13:05 – Vul. Stauropean.
13:10 – Market Square. Carol at the shopka.
13:15 – str. Cathedral.
13:20 – Liberty Avenue (to the monument to the Virgin Mary)
13:25 – Monument to the Virgin Mary. Christmas carol.
13:30 – Monument to T. Shevchenko. Christmas carol.
13.35- The area near the Christmas tree.

• Presentation of the Main Star “Yavorivska”.
• Initiation ceremony at the astronomers
• Christmas carols
• Carol from groups in Lviv