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The 5 most beautiful streets of Lviv

For a long time no one has argued with the fact that Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. That is why today there are so many who want to buy an apartment in Lviv and settle there forever.

There are many atmospheric and cozy places in the city of Lion. Of particular interest are its streets, which breathe old and create an appropriate mood. We offer to get acquainted with the rating of the most beautiful streets of our city.

Pekarska Street

This street is familiar, probably to everyone. It is located not far from the center and is known for its large number of medical institutions of different types, which gather people from all over the region. In addition, it is here that the Veterinary and Medical Universities are located.

Pekarskaya is a very broad and spacious street. It reaches nearly one and a half kilometers. Her architectural composition combines many styles, because the building was held at different times. Among the most beautiful houses is the palace Levytsky. And the most original building is the so-called flat house.

Prospect Svobody (Liberty Avenue)

This street is located in the very center of Lviv, where usually familiarity with the city begins. Apart from such attractions as the Opera House and the Taras Shevchenko Monument, Svobody Boulevard accumulates all of its business and cultural life.

If you are fortunate enough to buy an apartment in Lviv on this prestigious street, you can be sure – you will not miss any events happening in the city.

High Castle Street

If you consider yourself a romantic person, you will definitely enjoy this street. It is quite small and very cozy, it lies close to the famous High Castle – the highest point of the city and one of the most popular tourist destinations.

There is also a park nearby, where you can walk among dense trees and breathe fresh air. A big plus of the street – it is quite close to the central part of Lviv.

Virmenska street

This street is located in the heart of the city, not far from the famous Market square. The streetcard business card is its extraordinary architecture. Every house here is a real work of art with its history. However, before you buy an apartment in Lviv on this street you need to think hard.

After all, all houses are ancient, which means that there may be problems with comfort. Although for those who are important to live near the most prominent monuments of Lviv, surrounded by the most original cafes and restaurants, these problems will seem to be insignificant.

Chuprynky Street

Completes our rating of the best streets of Lviv, the quiet and extremely beautiful street of General Chuprynky. Its feature is that here in their time were built a large number of mansions and villas. Each of these houses is a pearl of architecture.

Predominantly Gothic style and style styles close to it. This street is deservedly considered one of the most comfortable and comfortable streets of Lviv.


Where to go and what must be done in Lviv

Lviv is impressive with its beauty, hospitality, unique aura and uniqueness. Impressions from the city of Lion remain forever in the memories of those who at least once breathed his strong coffee aroma and walked through the roadway of ancient squares and streets.

Not without reason, the capital of Galicia – Lviv, or as it is called, “little Paris” – is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city has long been a true tourist mecca, a cultural capital and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

1. To visit Lviv Opera

The famous Lviv theater of opera and ballet named after Solomiya Krushelnytska is a visiting card of theatrical Lviv.

It is one of the most famous and beautiful theaters of old Europe, which has the same membership of the European Theater Association.

It is worth visiting the Lviv Opera at least once in order to feel the true atmosphere of high art, present yourself a real holiday of the soul and harmony with the surrounding world.

Lviv Opera houses have been in operation for over 100 years. And she definitely impresses with her perfection and the incredible beauty of the interior.

In the repertoire of the theater, which successfully tours in European countries and invites foreign singers to participate in their performances, more than 20 operas in the original, 20 ballet performances of Ukrainian and foreign composers, performances for children.

Moreover, while visiting Lviv in time, Pope John Paul II blessed the performance of the Moses Theater.

And even if you are not a connoisseur of opera singing or you do not have enough time to visit the show, go to the magnificent theater building and discover another architectural pearl on whose stage at one time the voices of the best singers of the world sounded.

Address: Prospect Svobody, 28.

Ticket price: 40-200 UAH.

2. Admire the city from the City Hall and touch the magic clock bell

If you are stubborn and not lazy – then this trip is for you! 360 steps and you are already at the observation deck, which is located on the tower of the city hall at an altitude of over 75 meters.

And believe it – this “voyage” will be remembered for a long time! You will see the unique landscape of the central part of the city from the height of the bird’s eye view.

But before that. dwell on the penultimate observation deck. It is here that you can see how the inside looks the exact mechanism of the oldest watch in Ukraine. A timekeeper, a respectable Lviv djigar, originally from Vienna and he has been over 160 years old.

Lviv “Big Ben” has its own staff and a personal watchmaker.

For several years in succession, this exact mechanism is engaged in the watchmaking dynasty of the Basov family.

And by the sixth century. Clocks in Lviv, as a rule, were taken care of only by monks. Because the clock, which is taken care of by “god man,” will never mislead.

But that’s not all. From the observation deck, you can not only admire the city’s landscape, but also dream and make a wish that must be fulfilled.

For most of the clock bell (its cast of the Viennese master in 1849) attributed the magic ability to fulfill the desire – you just have to touch.

Address: pl. Market, 1 (Lviv City Council)

Hours: daily from 9:00 to 17:00

3. Celebrate Christmas with the Galician

Old folk customs in Galicia have always been revered. But in the independent Ukraine they have become a real highlight of the city.

On Christmas holidays the central streets of the city will have a festive procession with a carol, and closer to noon in the center will set the Ukrainian symbol of Christmas – Didukh.

As you know, Didukh establishes the owner’s house, and in Lviv it always makes the mayor.

As a rule, the main Lviv Didukh height is not less than three meters. He has been making the same family for several Christmas holidays.

They are decorated with straw apples and ribbons and will stand in the center of the city until the very Baptism (January 19).

And still you will have a festival of carols and artists, the Festival of Vertepes, the Feast of Pampukha, “Christmas in Gaius” in “Shevchenko’s Gaius”. And not to visit at least one of these holidays – it is to deprive yourself of joy and positive emotions.

Didukha will be installed on Jaworsky Square on January 6th.

4. To take care of Lviv chocolate

To be in Lviv and not to be occupied with Lviv chocolate is impossible! You will not taste this kind of delicacies anywhere! And in our city there is a real shop of chocolate and it is here – to the choice, and to the color, as they say Galician.

Candy and chocolate figurines, liquid chocolate, black and milk, chocolate cakes, chocolate with almonds and nuts. In a word – a real “chapel” paradise!

There is even a copy of the Lviv City Hall, which is made of white chocolate and weighs 11.5 kg. There are fake chocolate lions, chocolate bamboos and dumplings of high denominations, figurines of various animals and musical instruments. In a word, it’s good to have fun, and home can get some souvenir gifts.

And the taste of Lviv chocolate is such that you will never forget it! After all, the Lvov confectioners managed to put in every candy, in each tile of chocolate delicacies the sweetest piece of Lviv, their emotions and feelings, which fill the heart with joy and happiness.

Feel the taste of this Lviv coffee
Lviv is a coffee, a cobblestone, rain, even in winter, cozy cafes.

The filis of coffee is a mandatory attribute of the life of every Lviv citizen.

Since Yuri Kulchytsky brought coffee beans from Vienna to Lviv and taught Galician how to cook and drink this fragrant box, none of us can imagine any day without him. The founder of a coffee drink in Lviv even built a monument.

Therefore, Lviv citizens with the full right are called true connoisseurs of the fragrant trumpet. Join us and you to Lvov coffee makers!

5. Get acquainted with the Lviv lions

Lviv is guarded by lions. There are so many of them in our city that they can not be read at once. And in truth all are different: severe and tender, large and small, those who are asleep, and those who smile. Each of them has its historic place in Lviv buildings and weathercocks.

They are the spirit, symbol and power of Lviv. They are over 400! They silently look at us and often rebuke in silence: save and save us! After all, in Lviv, every eighth building with damaged lions.

The richest house on the lions is on Liberty Avenue, 11. Lakes up to 99! And the most lagging streets are Svobody Avenue – 211 leva, and with interiors – 245, street. Gorodotska – 165, street. S. Bandera – 154 with interiors.

6. Climb the Castle Mountain

The high castle is a favorite place for all graduates of Lviv schools. The sun is here, admiring landscapes of Lviv, walking around the park.

And Zamkova Hill is the highest point of the city. The observation deck is at an altitude of 413 meters above sea level. This is an artificial mountain, which was buried in 1869-1900 years by the Polish community of the city in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Union of Lublin.

From this highest point of the city, the entire Lviv can be seen on the palm: the colored watercolor depicts the Lviv roofs, the domes of the Cathedral of St. George and the Preobrazhenka are built, silver underneath the winter sun in the trees in Lviv parks and the rumble of old trams. In this enchanting music of the city, the soul comes alive with its generous and kind soul.

7. Look in the courtyards of Lviv

The great countryside yards and modest courtyards of the simple towns are no less important for the keepers of the history of Lviv than the cathedrals or theaters. After all, every courtyard is legends, gossip, stories about the famous people who lived here, have fun, went to the world, lost their fortunes on the cards, or, conversely, multiplied them.

The courtyard of the Greek merchant’s house Kornyakta, who already married at the age of 18 years at the age of 18, is probably the most popular among the towns and guests of Lviv.

At one time, this house was the most magnificent building in the city.

What this extraordinary courtyard attracts attention to? The fact is that in the courtyard of the building is a unique three-tier Renaissance arcade-loggia, the only example of such architectural decoration in Ukrainian architecture. Here there were wine bars, and in the yard once traded wine.

Now the Lviv Newlyweds are taking off here, and in the summer in the cozy courtyard are arranged musical evenings.

Address: pl. Market, 6

8. Bernardine Court

This is the only courtyard in Lviv, where a wooden pavement is preserved. Passing through it, few people pay attention to her. But it is worth listening to how the tree drowns passersby steps, as if moving us to the Middle Ages. In the yard, the so-called “bloody well” was preserved, where once stubbornly recaptured the heads.

Here in the late 70’s and 80’s there was a student fraternity and the “Leo Society”. In this yard, young people held their first promotions and exhibitions. In the medieval courtyard of Lviv people first saw the exhibition of black Gavaretskaya ceramics.

Today tourists can buy Lviv heraldry here, listen to street musicians.

Address: pl. Customs

9. Order a tour of the Lychakiv cemetery

And let not you scare the fact that in the city of the dead is terrible and sad.

Lychakiv cemetery has long been a kind of memorial museum in the open air. A tour of the Lychakiv Cemetery is one of the most popular in the city since Soviet times.

From the end of the seventeenth century, the cemetery became a site for the burial of the urban elite. On its territory more than 5 thousand valuable monuments of work of sculptors who studied in Vienna, Rome, Krakow. There are pompous multifunctional monuments that could be an ornament of the large areas of the metropolitan cities “crying madonna”. “Sleeping Beauty”, “Masonry”, “Orpheus” and others.

S. Krushelnytska, Ivan Franko, M. Shashkevich, M. Konopnitskaya, Volodymyr Ivasyuk and many other prominent and well-known persons are buried in the cemetery.

Most of the tombs have a high artistic value and are historical and cultural monuments.

This is a cemetery – the oldest and most nuanced in Eastern Europe. It does not look like any city cemetery. The oldest Lychakov’s gravestones are dated 1787 and 1797.

Lychakiv memorial is so grandiose that you can easily get lost there.

Old towns can tell you a lot of creepy legends about individual burials. But believe them or not – to decide for you.

Therefore, in order not to wander this city of eternal rest – it is better to spend hiking tours with a guide.

Address: street. Mechnikova, 33

10. Ride a miracle train

You can see from the windows of the miraculous train ancient temples, majestic palaces, the most remarkable monuments and buildings. An unforgettable excursion to Lviv on a unique, fun motor road, without a doubt, will bring a lot of pleasant moments and impressions.

In addition, the train has audio in Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian, German, Italian and French.

Miracle train is designed for transportation up to 56 people.

The length of the route is 10 km, the duration of the tour is 50 minutes. Ticket price – 60 UAH, for children under 13 years – 30 UAH.

The miracle train runs on weekdays, every hour, on friday, weekends and holidays – every half hour: 10.00, 10.30, 11.00, 11.30, 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 14.00, 14.30, 15.00, 15.30, 16.00, 16.30, 17.00

The tour begins with Rynok Square, 1

Ticket price: adults – 60 UAH, children up to 13 years – 30 UAH.



The first Lviv Flowerwine festival will take place in Lviv on February 14-17

In Lviv on February 14-17, 2019, the First Lviv Flowerwine Festival will take place on the territory of the Palace of Arts (17 Kopernika Street).

By supporting the Zero Waste World Initiative, which means “zero waste”, all guests of the festival will receive a ceramic pot with a ticket to enjoy a spicy drink. When leaving the festival, visitors will be able to return the pit and get 30 UAH., Or leave it as a souvenir in memory (the money does not come back).

A pleasant surprise awaits all guests of the holiday – fragrant mulled wine and pumpkin for a gift.

The festival will feature a large range of hot drinks, besides the mulled wine visitors will enjoy the warming atmosphere of the holiday.