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Lviv will host the National Festival of Chocolate on the Valentine’s Day

Guests of the city are invited to the most romantic and sweetest holiday – National Holiday Chocolate.

Chocolate Love Edition – The feast of love and chocolate will be held on February 14-17 in Lovers Day at the Palace of the Arts (17 Copernicus Street).

If you are a lover of sweets and a fan of real chocolate, you will certainly not be able to miss this event. Lviv is famous for its atmospheric, incredible sweets, delicious coffee and regular thematic holidays. Now imagine that all these components are connected and presented in the form of a single event, also on the Day of Lovers and 3 more days after it. Unusual? So! Romantic? Of course!

What is this festival?

This is essentially a collection of the best chocolates of Ukraine and neighboring countries that are ready to share their creativity with others. Here are the formats of master classes, fairs-exhibitions, representations and a simple cozy meeting. At the festival, you will be able to taste sweets, and buy, and ask beautifully to decorate as a gift to relatives and relatives.

Do not forget the organizers and the smallest visitors – for them on the Chocolate Love Edition there will be separate master classes related to the history of the appearance of this product and interesting trials.

Also in the west there will be chocolate sculptures created by virtuoso masters, among which the following should be singled out:

9-meter box of chocolates;
5-meter mill;
3-meter bear.
6-meter chocolate pizza (all visitors will be able to try smaller copies of this delicious meal)

For those who are more courageous, believe in their strength and good luck, there will be a special competition – “Homemade Pastry”. Participation can take not only professionals. This competition is more likely to be devised for lovers who simply want to have fun. In the limited time, the guys make their own culinary masterpieces, after which they are tried and judged by competent juries.

At the festival you will be able to taste the most diverse types of chocolate with unusual (pepper, caramel, alcohol, dried fruit and berries) and usual fillers (coconut, almonds, cedar, hazelnuts, ginger, candied fruits, raisins), and without them (just milk, black white).

This year, besides tons of the most delicious chocolate, master classes from the famous chocolates, lovers will be able to get married directly on the holiday grounds. For all those in love with the Holy Chocolate, a special “Chocolate Ceremony” will be arranged. Newlyweds will receive a “Chocolate Testimony” and a photo in memory.

All visitors to the Chocolate Festival will receive a special festival pot, hot cocoa, chocolates with anticipation as a present.

It should be noted that such a festival has been held annually for 12 years and shows mainly new items in the world of chocolate industry. To enjoy this event all day or even a few days surrounded by magicians, coffee aromas, interesting creative personalities or simply unusual spending time with your family, a loved one, you need to book a ticket for 60 UAH.


Skating rinks in Lviv. Prices, locations and schedule.

One of the most popular entertainments for the citizens of Lviv and our city is skating rink.


One of the most popular ice attractions, located in the very center of the city, opposite the City Hall, is about 990 square meters. In the winter, a skating rink in the open air becomes the most favorite place for the citizens of Lviv who enjoy active recreation. However, this place attracts not only local residents but also tourists, because quite a number of cafes are located nearby, where you can taste fragrant Lviv coffee after active skating.

By the way, it is known that the ice rink was poured here even before the First World War, but then the tradition was lost. Her revival was one of the points of the city mayor’s election program.

Where: Rynok Square (behind the Town Hall).

Hours: daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

Cost: for adults with skates for hire: 100 UAH per hour of riding. Friday and weekend is 130 UAH; for children (under 12 years old) for hire of 80 UAH per hour of riding. Friday and weekend holidays are 100.

for adults with own skates: 80 UAH per hour of riding. On Friday and the weekend 90 UAH; for children (under 12 years) with own skates: 70 UAH per hour of riding. Friday and weekend holidays are 80 hryvnias.

The cost is given for 1 hour on a skating rink.


This is the largest ice rink in the city of Lev. Who wants to skate well and impress all those present with incredible acrobatic stunts on the ice – can hire a skating instructor. In addition, skiing passes can also be purchased here.

Where: Gorbachevsky Street (between the stops of the tram route No. 3 at Sakharov Street and No. 2 on General Chuprynky Street).

Hours: daily from 11:00 to 23:00.

Cost: for adults with skates for hire: 70 UAH per hour of driving to 17:00, 80 UAH – after 17:00. On Friday 80 UAH until 17:00 and 110 UAH after 17:00, on weekends 110 UAH at any time; for children to rent 60 UAH to 17:00 and 70 UAH after 17:00. On Friday, 70 UAH until 17:00 and 90 UAH later. On weekends, 90 UAH at any time.

for adults with own skates: 55 UAH per hour of driving until 17:00, 65 UAH – after 17:00. On Friday 55 UAH until 17:00 and 80 UAH after 17:00, on weekends 80 UAH at any time; for children with own skates 45 UAH to 17:00 and 55 UAH after 17:00. On Friday 45 UAH until 17:00 and 65 UAH later. On weekends, UAH 65 at any time.


The only indoor coverage in Lviv, which, moreover, is available even in the summer, when we often lack coolness. A skating rink is a great place not only for skating. Thanks to a good location, it attracts the most attention of people on weekends and holidays, when young people spend their free time on the territory of the shopping center.

Hours: Mon-Fri: 10:00 – 22:00, Sat-Sun: 12:00 – 22:00.

Cost: Mon-Fri – 100 UAH, weekends – 130 UAH

The cost of the ticket purchased includes: skating during the meaning of skiing, skating rents.

Duration of one skiing session: 45 minutes.

A ticket for any day convenient for you and a skiing session can be purchased in advance.


New outdoor skating rink. Pure park air and festive lights create a fabulous atmosphere. The Skating Rink on the South is an ideal place for romantic dates, and another place where you can have fun and original time with friends, or in a family circle.

On the ice floor you will lose a sense of age and immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere. It does not matter if you are sure whether you are skating or dressed for the first time. Professional instructors will relieve you of the feeling of discomfort.

If you do not have to ride, you can watch your relatives, warming up with hot chocolate or mulled wine. The romantic music and light of the garlands will provide the perfect atmosphere while skiing and support the holiday mood of the winter holidays.

Free parking is available for visitors.

Hours: Mon-Thu: 10:00 – 22:00, Fri-Sun: 11:00 – 00:00.

Cost: Mon-Thu – 100 UAH, Fri-Sun – 120 UAH



Tyubing near Lviv

Near Lviv is the largest in Ukraine for the tube was opened
What is a tubing?
This word has little taken root, because it does not reflect the appearance and originality of the design. More often this model of sleds is called cheesecakes, as well as bagels. And even donuts. Because they are really more like a confectionery product than classic wooden models in combination with iron stripes.

Tubing appeared in the twenties of the nineteenth century. But the faint design was an obstacle to popularity. When the technology of manufacture of boats from high-quality PVC was significantly developed, the toboggans were remembered again. Because the rubber models were very vulnerable. And modern materials provide high durability, and excellent slip. Even such inflatable bagels are amplified by a special nylon ribbon. And they are covered with a special layer of material, so that friction is as small as possible.

The inflatable form compensates for any strong mechanical shocks. Therefore, the chance to get injuries is reduced by times compared to ordinary sleds on the rungs.

Tyubing Park will be open from 10:00 to 17:00.

The cost of a two-hour subscription for adults is 200 UAH, for children under 8 years old – 150 UAH.

You can climb upwards with the help of a multi-lift or a boom lift.

The complex is located 17 km from Lviv on the route “Kyiv-Chop”.