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7 places in Lviv for winter walks

The long awaited winter has already come to us, Lviv has fallen asleep with snow!

Sand (Altai) lakes

A small park in the Frankivsk district of the city, located on the street Gordinsky. Here you can hide from the city noise and enjoy the winter atmosphere.

Stryisky Park

This park has long earned the title of favorite resting place of Lviv citizens. In the winter here is especially good.

Shevchenko Grove

For family walks it is best to choose exactly the skansen of the sky. The atmosphere and lots of attractions will not leave indifferent to all family members, and especially to the children.

Park of Culture and Rest to them. Bohdan Khmelnytsky

In addition to the magnificent winter landscapes, here are almost every weekend a variety of activities. The park also lacks winter entertainment.

“High Castle”

You can enjoy the scenery of the winter city at the “High Castle”. There are two terraces here, from which you can watch incredible panoramas of Lviv.

Park Ivan Franko

The cozy alleys of the park are a great place to go for a walk alone or think alone.

Park “Znesynia”

In winter, you can waste time by walking along the quiet alleys and admiring the beauty of the trees.


Winter residence in the Potocki Palace

A special festive atmosphere will touch everyone who will look at the winter residence of Lviv – the Potocki Palace, which is located next to our hub!

For the whole month the Winter residence of Lviv will be the Potocki Palace (Kopernika St., 15).

According to the organizers, a holiday fair with the main tree will be arranged in the courtyard of the Palace, where you can taste and buy a variety of delicious meals.

The guests will have a festive ceremony, stylized photo walls, children’s roundabouts, as well as an exclusive opportunity to go through exhibitions and exhibitions of the Pototsky Palace, accompanied by Oksana Kozinkevich.

A full program of activities is promising to be made public in the near future.

Recall that entering the territory of the Pototsky Palace is free. The gallery will work on schedule: Tuesday – Friday (from 10:30 to 17:00), Saturday – Sunday (from 10:00 to 17:00).

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